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Mission Statement

                  This life is a gift, and I use my gifts to bring out the gifts I know you already possess. Believe me, you CAN hold a pencil with confidence, learn new processes, and use the visual language in every day life. Throughout my professional journey, I've had the privilege of empowering countless people to see their creative potential in a myriad settings: from homes and schools to team building events, museums, and retreats. Despite holding certifications as both an Art Teacher and Special Education teacher with Art Therapy credits, I've chosen to leverage my expertise as an Art Coach following a decade in the classroom. In 2016, Flame Tip Studio was born when I started teaching adults and teens after my school day. It evolved to become all it is today- art classes that teach far more than technical skills alone. Flame Tip Studio is a dynamic mobile arts program that brings history, hands-on lessons and meaningful conversations to the community. I aim to demystify the creative process and make it more approachable and accessible. I've developed tried and true methods to empower perfectionists, motivate the withdrawn, and encourage the discouraged;  my approach and teaching style brings out the creative spirit for any age and any skill level. Flame Tip Studio is driven by a mission to reclaim what has the potential to be lost; community, connection, and preserving the visual language that makes it possible. 

                 With a specialized emphasis on various folk art processes and artists in history, these opportunities are designed to ignite a sense of shared humanity.   All participants benefit from cultivating patience, developing perspective, expanding their skills, and producing beautiful work under the wing of an encouraging facilitator. While pysanky is my most popular workshop, I teach other folk art processes and drawing classes for any and all skill levels, especially those who don't see themselves as artists. I believe you already are. There is no greater joy for me than the moment when you prove it to yourself. All participants continue to leave these carefully facilitated workshops with a deeper understanding of culture, history, art, and themselves. 


"If you can write your name, you can do this."

- Event coordinator at Jerry's Artist Outlet, West Orange NJ

"I was so impressed with the art - but I think even more than that - your command of the room and the mood and the experience.  You were superior and I do hope we get to support you in the future. "

-Norma Wine, Sr. Librarian at

Rahway Public Library, NJ

"I want to thank you for the outstanding class you gave.  Everyone who attended was delighted and you were a pleasure to work with.  I was amazed at how you showed up early, calmly assisted and explained everything, and were cleaned up and packed ready to go at the appointed time. I told the library director that as far as presenters I've had share here, on a scale of 1 to 10 you were an 11!"

- Participant, Newport RI

I truly enjoyed your class and learned so much. I also found it to be very moving. I cried tears a few times, especially when a participant shared a song with us. I am eager to practice on my own and picked up a dozen eggs right after class. If you ever give a "Pysanky 102" class to explore more techniques, I would be the first to sign up.  You are such a story teller, artist, and teacher!"

- Diana, Participant,

Hackettstown, NJ 

Thank you again for sharing your talent in, not only your unique artistic ability, but even in teaching, managing and presenting.  You are gifted in many ways! You certainly teach more than art and provide a truly lovely experience in your class that I hope to pay forward in my own daily life.  Thanks for shining bright and lighting the ways for others.


Pysanky Workshop

Embroidery Workshop

Art Class for the "Non-Artist"






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